Dunsfold Wings and Wheels 2006

Sunday August 27th 2006, saw the Dunsfold Wings and Wheels charity event. A great day out, watching all sorts of Military vehicles, aircraft and historic cars.

The weather was kind and despite a few threatening clouds, it stayed quite bright and more importantly, dry, all day.

Thanks go to "Harry Flatters" from Blatchat for organising a Seven's Club area for us to park in!

Well, enjoy the pictures, If you want copies of the pics, or would like some info on any of them, e-mail me.



Amazing who they let drive military vehicles these days.
A Daimler Ferret, these look like great fun, and only a few grand from your nearest MIlitary Vehicle dealer..oh, the guns are certified disabled!!
Possibly my favourite car of all time, if anyone wants to let me drive it, my e-mail is at the bottom of the page..hint..hint!!
The Tigers parachute team, difficult to see here, but it was quite a breezy day, so well done for getting anywhere close to the target!
The final member of the team, keeping his feet off the ground just long enough to actually hit the target...good lad!!
A Sopwith Pup replica, beautiful plane to watch.
The Hawker Sea Fury, glorious sound as this passed at low level....
A Merlin HC3, look at the shape of the blades, the pilot was wringing every last inch of power out of this machine, and put on a magnificent show.
The Aerostars display team, all amateurs but putting on a very professional looking display!
The BBMF, the sight and sound of these planes makes the hairs on your neck stand up...MMmmmmmm
Awesome, I just cannot imagine how scarey it must have been to be in one of these on a raid...glorious machine!!
Back to the Yaks...
and the Napier, John Cobb's car, built in 1933, 24 litres, 450BHP, setting the fastest ever lap of Brooklands at 143.44MPH in 1935
and of course, what airshow would be complete without the Red Arrows.....err, someone is not the right way up, just not sure who!!
Another very impressive show by the Chinnook, for a vehicle weighing so much the pilot managed to make it look as manouverable as Jet Ranger...
A B-25 Mitchell, twin engined attack bomber from 1940, this one, complete in the Royal Netherlands livery and some very pretty nose art.
Will Curtis's Sukhoi 26, this is like no other aerobatic plane you have ever seen....with over 500 HP, this plane has a greater than 1:1 thrust ratio. Here you see it with the wing completley stalled, only the thrust from the prop keeping her in the air, this man is seriously insane ;-)
The Utterly Butterly Wing walking girls, on their Boeing Stearman chariots, marvellous stuff...
A Hurricane MK1, R4118. Originally built in 1940, found by Peter VAcher in 1982 in India, returned to this country and restored, with its first post restoration flight in 2004 (December 23rd).
Ahhh..someone asked about the Mitchel's nose art.....and this was supposed to be a family show ;-)
A Douglas C-47 Dakoter, perhaps more familiar as the DC-3
A Hunter, demonstrating the adage, if it looks right, it will fly right..wonderful sight and even better sound track!
Red 1, 2 and 3 leaving for another show in Blackpool....
And finally, hero of the Falklands, the Harrier GR.7. Here in the hover, and in the next photograph nodding to the crowd, a fitting end to a glorious day...!