Buzzez Day Out Seighford 28-12-02

Here are a few pictures from the day, and what a great day it was!!! If you want any of these at full resolution (2.5Mb), or if you were there and would like me to see if I have a photo of your car, e-mail me with some details, and I'll see if I can find something printable.

Simon turned up, and gooned!


he even checked his brakes worked....Heeellllloooooooo!


sadly he had to go home early ;-)


Who the heck is this????? . . . . . .. nice hairdo Jules :-)


Jimbo set fire to his car ;-)


J5 and Richard dancing a tango, or was it kiss chase??


Ray was unusually shy about his gooning.


MD, on the other hand, wasn't...errr grab the cones lads before Matt takes any more out ;-)


Will seems surprisingly restrained here!


Our track driver of the year, however, seems happy, even though he couldn't get nearer to the apex cone than this.


When Ray wasn't gooning, he was on babysitting duty, I wonder if he noticed the dog had peed on his leg??


Barge racing, what a fine sport!!


Oh, jim, your car's still on fire, pity no one had a black flag!!