Sailing in the Ionian Islands 2008

I've had a hankering to sail with a flotilla for a while, so this year I decided it was time to do something about it. Sailing in the Ionian Islands is supposed to be one of the best introductions, since the weather is generally predictable and there are no tides to worry about!

So, with a fair NorthWesterly 3 to are the photographs.

Enjoy the pictures, If you want copies of the pics, or would like some info on any of them, e-mail me.



Home Port Sivota
Our first day's sailing took us to Spartakhori
And then on to Vlikho, where we hide from a storm for two nights.
and watched a fine flying display by the water bombers.
Bit of a bargain this Cat ;-)
Then onwards to Paleros....
some would say this is a fitting end.....
and Paleros is home to the New Mill Tavern a wonderful restaurant, run by Cathy. No menus, you just eat what she cooks with generous quantities of wine!!
The lead crew, Emma, Henry and Liam...note the generous bottle of wine ;-)
and this is me, with our host for the evening..bloomin' wonderful food!!
and then onwards again to Kalamos.
and a bit of sail maintenance
from Kalamos, we headed to Vasiliki...
and Fiskardo...expensive, but pretty.
yes a bit of an odd picture perhaps...but I do work for a satellite broadcaster :-)
A great sail around the corner into Frikes, where I found this little chap....
Frikes is a little small, so we ended up rafting a fair few boats together!
The lead yacht, leading the way into Ay Eufemia, where again we were storm bound for a couple of days.
being storm bound meant sightseeing...this is one of the famous caves in the area.
watching other folks screw things up is a fine spectator sport. In this case a dutch crew picked up someone elses anchor chain on their keel, took quite a while to sort it out ;-)
Leaving Eufemia for Kastus, things looked a little ominous.
at this point I went for a jumper and a waterproof...just as well, it proceeded to bucket down for 20 minutes!!
Kastus is pretty....and even better, we managed to nick all the space on the quay, leaving the Sun Sail folks to anchor out ;-)
and then, sadly, a final day's sailing back to Sivota...
A great holiday, no question I would reccomend this to anyone!!