A different sort of flying......

A couple of months back, I bought an aerofoil kite from a gadget shop, the first time we flew it, it was a little dissapointing, not very stable and a little on the shoddy side when it comes to build quality, however, it did remind me what fun kite flying was................so, being the sort of chap I am, when we were in Whitstable the week before last, I bought something with a bit more bite ;-)

It's a 2.5m Beamer, and excellent fun it is......in the sort of winds we're having at the moment, it pulls hard enough to drag me along the ground, it's nice and stable, and as a beginner's four line kite, seems to be just the job!

So, today we took both kites out to the local park for a bit of a work out. I set up the original kite a little better and lent it to Chris and Emma for a bit of fun, while Shiv's and I tried to figure out how best to photograph the Beamer on full song.

Well, enjoy the pictures, If you want copies of the pics, or would like some info on any of them, e-mail me.