A new exhaust for the Caterham

I bought a shiney new exhaust for the Caterham a few weeks back. A number of people have asked about how easy it was to fit, so I thought I'd put up some pics of the process.

I ddin't take photos of the old exhaust coming off, quite frankly, I was way too delighted when I finally got it off to remember. The biggest pain, was getting the old manifold off, I had to undo the engine mount on the exhaust side of the car and jack up this side of the block in order to get enough clearance.....oh, and figuring out I could undo one of the chassis rails helped a lot!!

If you want copies of the pics, or would like to use them on your site or whatever, or if you are thinking of doing this job yourself, feel free to e-mail me, for a chat.



The old exhaust at the bottom, new at the top..Mmmmmmm, shiney! Oh, and you'll see the new manifold is conveniently in four bits, this makes installing it way easier then the old one, albeit, it's a bit of a jigsaw getting all the bits in place.
Cutting a new hole, or rather enlarging the old one, seemed a little daunting at first, but having got the right tools, is just a fiddle......A Dremmel with 4 or 5 flap wheels and a sheet metal nibbler do the job nicely
Looking down on the new manifold, sexy or what! My shoes are quite nice too, don't you think?
The complete installation, note the position of the lambda sensor, this required extending the sensor wires by about 8", and another hole on the body work. Oh, I almost forgot, before installing the headers, make sure there are no cables routed anywhere near the pipework, I had to re-route the positive to the starter since it would have been touching the exhaust......
You'll notice there is no guard over the catalyst, I've not decided yet if I'll install it, I think it looks better off for now.