easyInternational 2004, Le Mans and Dijon

Another year, another easyInternational trip!!

This year, we headed first for the Bugatti circuit at Le Mans, followed by a dash down the autoroutes to Dijon-Prenois. We were a little short of people, due to other engagements, but we still mananged to enjoy ourselves, wreck some cars, and drink at least one bar dry of beer!

It seemed unanimous that the Dijon circuit was by far our favourite, its constant roller-coaster of a ride getting better and better as the day went by. The last few sessions, when everything started to flow just right, is one of the all time highlights of my trackday career! Cheers to easyTrack, Marcus and the team, for an "excellent adventure"!

Oh, and if you're wondering, my little Caterham got us safely back home, despite the abuse she suffered, in fact, I rather think she enjoyed herself too! Well, enjoy the pictures, If you want copies of the pics, or would like some info on any of them, e-mail me.



Not quite the 24 hour circuit, but the Bugatti circuit does start and finish in the same place.
Seems it was porsche day at Le Mans, boy these GT3s were common as muck!
Even having picked out a gravel trap and a wall for him during the course of the trip, James refused to find either of them.
Graham's Ultima at full chat, one of the few sorted ones I've seen. Quick? Oh yes!!
Ok, quiz time, 10 points if you know what this is? I'll give you a clue, what day did I say it was, and what's their latest 300k supercar?
Yep, a Carerra GT, it's on my chrissy list, but in a slightly less hairdresser colour ;-)
Marcus leaves the pits, this circuit has so many long bends, we did wonder if he was using his sat nav to find his way round!
Another porsche being wrung by the neck!
Ok, time for another quiz question, who's car is this, and how long has this gaffer tape been holding it together?
Andy's TVR, this was the most the bonnet was open all trip.......unusual, but for Andy, quite a relief.
James, indulging in a little wheelie action
Oh, almost forgot, the answer to the last question was, it's James' car, and the gaffer tape, being kindly pointed out here by one of the locals, has been on the car since the Hungarofing trip!!
Just before we leave Le Mans, I thought you might be interested in how much you can pack in a Caterham......for those of you on the USA 2005 trip, I hope this provides a little re-assurance, and we were carrying two helmets as well!!
Onto Dijon then, and despite the weather forecast, it remained dry all day. Dire warnings of thunderstorms had troubled us before we left, but they never showed, even though it did get cloudy at some points during the day.
Drat, them porsche's followed us ;-)
My little car coming onto the pit straight, what a blast that last corner was, being flung onto the straight, and up the hill...MMmmmmmm
Tony having a blast!
Noooooo...we weren't racing, just doing a side by side comparison, it seems blue stripes are faster than red, ok?
Bike power was rather good round here too, even having had some problems at Le Mans, glad it was sorted ok.
With little or no silencer, the TVR sounded like a Spitfire making a low pass!
Now then, you've never driven before, and Dad takes you on a European trackday holiday......well, it had to be done, having got his dad drunk enough the night before, we managed to persuade him to let Sean have a couple of laps on track!
The most scarey thing he's ever done, according to Andy!
Having seen this, I would have to agree....errr Sean, eyes on the track please!
No, on the track please!
Oh look, here comes Adam
Oh, and Marcus is just coming up to overtake him ;-)
Even Rod was a blur down this straight!
All wave at Adam.......Hmmm, where's Marcus, oh yes, he's waiting in the pits for a signal that Adam's on his way ;-)
We know what going to happen again, don't we?
Yep, Marcus overtakes him again!!
The traditional GP start, lights and everything....there's a little 1Mb animation here if you want to see what happened next......I was stuck behind the stalled westy, if you must know, and that's the excuse I'm sticking with!!
So, it was farewell to Dijon, certainly on my list of circuits to go back to!!
Of course, Shivs and I couldn't resist stopping by one more circuit on the way back, the old pits at the Reims circuit, on the D27...spooky place or what