Berty's Gaf 2003 March Tour!! 16-02-2003

A fantastic weekend was had by all! I've tidied up some of my favourites and put them on this page, the rest of the pics are here in thumbnail form... if you want any of these at full resolution, drop me an e-mail ( with the picture number and we'll sort something out. I can also print (or send the file to Ritterband for making into a mug, t-shirt etc) up to A3 if you like.

Jim sent me some of his photos, which you can find here. The page is approx 2Mb



I soooo wanted to have the Caterham here, still, maybe next time!!

.....Digital cameras at dawn.....

Just the thought of flying his plane was enough to have Marky gushing.

Marky and his Bitch ;-)

Ensuring we had enough wine for Billy.

Stonefield Castle Hotel, gracious enough not to kick us out!

Berty's Gaf, nice eh?

Our gracious host!

Ahhhh, must be lurve...

This was, really, it was ;-)

Debbie, a slapper?? Naaahh!

How many of the ATV rules could we break?

Bad hair day, or trying out the latest in hairdryers?


The Crew