Autotesting with the Austin Healey and Cirencester Car Clubs

Last weekend, we joined the Austin Healey and Cirencester Car Clubs for their annual Autotesting training and instruction day.

If you don't know what Autotesting is, take a look here. Basically, it involves hooning round lots of cones as fast as possible without hitting anything....perfect for the Caterham!

The day was held on an airfield, so there was plenty of space in case of the inevitable mistakes ;-) It was well organised, with everyone there very enthusiastic and knowlegeable about both the Autotesting and their cars!

Thanks to the organisers, I hope CT and I contributed enough to the fun of the day to get invites to future events......I'm already planning on adjustable anti-roll bars, and a hydraulic handbrake :-)

Well, enjoy the pictures, If you want copies of the pics, or would like some info on any of them, e-mail me.