ST Lucia March 2004

Shivs and I haven't been on a beach holiday for years, I keep dragging her off on driving trips instead! So, as a treat, I booked us into the Sandals Halcyon in St Lucia. Luckily, I had enough airmiles to book Virgin Atlantic Upper Class tickets both ways ;-)

I'd certainly go to a Sandals resort again, when they say inclusive, they really mean it, booze, food, water sports, booze, entertainment, booze, games, did I mention booze......we even had a mini bar in our apartment that was restocked every day, including a bottle of champagne (a couple of nights we sat on the beach and drank this..... All for no charge, the only money we spent was on some trips out, and duty free on the way home.

If you want copies of the pics, or would like to use them on your site or whatever, e-mail me.



The first thing we noticed was the incredible diversty of birds, seeing flocks of these (some sort of egret perhaps) headed across the resort of an evening was a real delight!
It wouldn't have been right not to have sat and listened to at least one steel band. Mind you, their selection of music was a little strange, "Careless Whisper" on steel drums is somewhat wierd.
The view from the patio in front of our apartment.
and again, it was impressive to be so close to the sea.
Shivs enjoying the evening sun.
There are three Sandals resorts on St Lucia, and you can go along to any of them as part of the inclusive package. One night we went up to the Regency for a spectacular meal at a Japanese Tepenyaki place.....flaming prawns anyone? Oh, and if you're fans of the Mornings with Keith and Gail show in Colorado, that's who we were sat next to, small world eh!
How could I not have this shirt
On a "Sunset" cruise, we bumped into The Unicorn from the Pirates of the Carribean movie.
Apparently, she's now doing booze crusies and the like, nice!
I did say this was a "Sunset" cruise, didn't I? Well, actually there was some sun, but mostly, it chucked it down ;-)
Shivs enjoying another beer, after the rain stopped
You'll notice, I put my beer down for the photo....
Sadly it didn't clear up enough to see the sunset, this is the best I can do I'm afraid
The next day, we headed for Soufriere and the drive through Volcano, the pool closest to us, is known as Gabriel's pool, since he apparently fell in about 18 years ago. They don't let you so close any more.
Lunch on the way back from Soufriere provided us with this spectacular view.
I swear The Unicorn was following us!
That evening was shaping up to be pretty impressive
Sadly, still no proper sunset, but colour in the sky like this made up for it!
Our last trip out, was dolphin chasing, we caught up with a small school of common dolphins who came and played for 15 mniutes or so. They certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves.
Remember, these are wild animals, this was no water park show.
It was well worth the cash to see this...
Another impressive sky
I said the place was filled with brids, this little guy and a number of friends came to visit the bushes outside our apartment every day
Humming birds have amazing energy
Our last night.....the week flew by, but we came back very relaxed, and will be doing another beach holiday for sure.....first there is the matter of one or two driving trips though ;-)