Seven's Club Slalom, Dunsfold April 2004

Steve Mell, organised a superb day's slaloming entertainment at Dunsfold Airfield! Apologies to my team for not being quicker ;-)...but, it was my first time, I had a cold, my dog died, it wasn't the right weather for me....errr etc....

I for one, would love to try this again, so if you're listening Steve, we all had a great day out, and if you can stomach it (or can find a team that wil take me), book me on the next one!

If you want copies of the pics, or would like to use them on your site or whatever,or if you were there, and want a photo, e-mail me with details of what you were wearing, and I'll see if I can find something. I'm fairly certain I have pics of most people.



The day started quite wet ;-) was going to be fun!
The Ladies were enjoying themselves! Shivs even said she wished she had booked in....maybe next time.
Me, before I found out I was rubbish at this....:-)
Still, at least I stayed on the black stuff!
Smiles all round.
Steve parking neatly in the garage.
Likewise Mark Collins
A selection of fun!