Academy Training Day 1

Saturday April 30th saw us blat across to Upper Heyford, for an event run by the MotorSports Events team

It was their Academy training part one course, and an excellent day it turned out to be! On the agenda were car control (learning how to power slide), emergency braking, a timed sprint and various slalom and skill based events.

At the end of the day, there was a short quiz and a 15 minute track session to determine the driver of the day....Your's truly managed to fluke a second place in this, beaten by a mere half point!!

Well, enjoy the pictures, If you want copies of the pics, or would like some info on any of them, e-mail me.



Many of you will know Mark Collins, here you see him lending an ever helpful hand to an unfortunate participant.....mind you, he might have better spent his time elsewhere, as you will see later ;-)
Always nice to see a group of Caterhams
As you can see, the weather was kind to had been raining when we left home!
Anything familiar about this?
Well...such a gesture is normally followed by this....;-) Poor Mark eh?
Luckily it wasn't too serious, and he managed to get out for some track time!
Don't tell anyone...but I think we are going the wrong way....
The end of day debrief and presentations.